Mission To Germany: Ade & Kemi Onanuga

Ade & Kemi

Ade is an Engineering Project Manager, husband of Kemi and they are the father of two.  They are King's Church members, taking the bold step of faith to follow God's calling on their life.

Ade received a call from God to reach the Germans in 1989/90 while at University.  Compelled by the words of James 2:17; "Faith without works is dead," he's built a career, taken evening courses to learn the German language and has made annual trips to Germany, supporting a discipleship program, targeted at reaching souls for with the Good News. Focused mostly on working with Syrian, Iranian, and Afghanistan refugees, many of whom have given their lives to Christ.

Once the lifting of current restrictions allows, Ade and Kemi are planning to move permanently to Germany in full time ministry. Their vision is to reach the Germans through witnessing and discipleship so they can disciple others to follow and serve the Lord., and to work with local churches there to increase awareness for witnessing, discipleship and training leaders.

Praise The Lord for His mercies and grace. In the last update, we informed about the goodness of God and the challenges...
Praise the LORD we arrived in Germany by the grace of GOD...
In church this morning, Segun announced that Ade and Kemi will be leaving for Germany on Monday 19th July...