5,000 Plus: Rob & Jane Garratt

5,000 Plus was founded by Rob and Jane Garratt in 1998. Challenged by the poverty they saw while travelling in Nepal, they asked God what could be done. Back came the response: “The answer starts with what the people have, not with what they don’t have.” Inspired by this, the vision for this charity is drawn from the example of Jesus in Mark 6:35-44, who  started with five loaves and two fishes belonging to a small boy and miraculously fed a great crowd of people.

5,000 Plus is a UK charity responding to the needs of poor people by empowering them to increase their income through starting and successfully running livelihood projects. The charity works with communities and organisations in some of the poorest areas in the world.

Today, Rob & Jane are fully engaged in conjunction with associates and local partners, travelling remote parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, envisioning, teaching and training communities to break out of their cycle of poverty.

For more details about the work of 5,000 Plus, visit their website here.

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