At the King's Church, our members have incredible stories to share about how God has changed their lives. Please be encouraged that he's real and wants to transform your life too.  Will you open your heart to him today?
Tayo   peter
Tayo's Story
An amazing story of how God healed her from severe sickness
  Peter's Story
How God turned his life of crime and deprivation around and gave him a purpose
caroline   Owen
Caroline's Story
How God got her attention and showed her forgiveness and love
  Owen's Story
How God turned his life around and made his dreams come true
shina   Morgan & Bukay
Shina's Story
How God delivered on a promise to convert his father from Islam
  Morgan & Bukay's Story
How God shaped their lives and used them to fulfill his purpose
Juilecio   Marcia
Juilecio's Story
How God revealed himself and helped him overcome severe depression
  Marcia's Story
How God revealed Himself and changed her life forever
Tsuki   Lillian
Tsuki's Story
How God came through for her after complications with the birth of her son
  Lilian's Story
How she first encountered God at a low time in her life
Chester's Story
How God was clearly present through his mental and physical trials

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